I’ve had more chances to give Gideon some quality time and…he doesn’t actually seem to care for it
Got to stress-tess the underground reactors as well! We’re going off-grid for this baby
Yeah, we found this cave in Jake’s mountain that leads to a land crawling with literal dinosaurs. It was after the pups got superpowers. Yeah, I hate this town too
Our daughter picked the colours for the prototype, if you’re wondering
What’s the opposite of ‘sweetness & light’? Sour darkness? weird
We convinced Cassidy that the Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre would probably not part with their fossil of Bruce, so she’s agreed to settle for the life-size statue outside of Morden
If you’re into the Enneagram, I’m told this is a very ‘9’ thing to do.
One friend asked me if I really believed my thoughts could alter reality and I was like, well, no, but…what if I just don’t know it yet
“Take down Christmas Decorations” is unfeasible, just leave them up until next year