Seems every time I draw my kids, their arms are in the air and they’re creating chaos. This is called “unconscious bias”

[author note: This looks different from the ‘house style’ because I drew it on an iPad as an experiment. I like the result and I may keep making them this way]

Wait, what if the water’s out? What if there’s no power to grind the beans or heat the water? Time to add a few more things to the list

Bonus imaginary 4th panel where Lori is about to hit play on a song we’re going to dance to and I’m like “drop it”. you know, as in, the beat

Hourly Comics Day 2023

On February 1st I wrote a comic for every hour of the day that I was awake. I’ve done this intermittently ever since I’ve been drawing Interesting Times, and often had a lot of fun with it. This year I changed from pen to marker, which I enjoyed, and gave myself space to finish the last few comics a couple of days after the day actually ended. (To do this, I made sure to take hourly notes on my phone, instead.)

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c’mon radio dj, why you gotta kill the vibe like that
I’ve been so close, so many times, to just opening the back door and yeeting that thing into the bushes
Gave myself away by loudly scoffing at the fake snow. “You love it,” Lori called back at me
Can’t believe we never thought of this before! Who’s next?
In case you’re wondering, the prize for guessing correctly in this round is $10,000 CAD