I mean, I’m glad it works and is fun, but it’s my tuuuurrrrn
Only people who read this will know that I’m posting comics 78 and 79 out of order this week, for reasons 😉
I’ll be honest it’s a pretty good-looking collection, but still
After hours of deliberation I fall back on “Fehr2.4” in desperation, an opportunity to be cool and funny lost forever
Fun Fact: I actually have Lori retrieve things from the cushions IRL. Just one of the reasons we’re a good team
They’re good people. I can’t remember most of their names. But we’d help each other out. Probably?
Too bad we ran out of time to shoot my “lonely man standing next to a barren tree” idea
Seriously I still think about the chocolate box that our engagement ring came in. It was amazing
Her hair didn’t change colour between panels, it’s a trick of the light (not shown)