You know those shipping containers that look like they say “OIY ZIM”? I always assumed the “oiy” part was Cyrillic but I JUST learned it’s Hebrew! Huh!
I mean, I want you to feel strong and confident but uh, hmmm
Blast you and your coupon emails,

Comic Con news!

Interesting Times will have a table at this year’s Winkler Comic Con! I’ll have books, a little merchandise, and more books! Also, new for this year, I want to try doing portraiture?? Come pay me a few bucks and I’ll draw YOU as a stick person in front of some sorta geeky background, like the Batcave or Firelink Shrine (more planned).

Hope to see you there!

Lessons from My Toddler

You’ll notice that in the third panel, Sonic’s running is based on his sprite from Sonic 2, while Cassidy’s run is based on Sonic 3. Probably you knew that already