About the Author

Hello! My name’s Nathan Fehr. I’m 37 and I live with my wife Lori, our daughter Cassidy, and a squabbling cat and dog in Winkler, Manitoba, Canada. From 2006 to 2017, I regularly wrote and posted a comic called “Interesting Times” that was loosely based on my day or just things I was thinking about. Over the years I built a modest following, self-published two hardcover collections, interacted with many wonderful readers, and got opportunities I wouldn’t have imagined. My most popular comic by a wide, wide margin was about the Canadian Museum for Human Rights in Winnipeg.

Then, abruptly, I ended it. In 2017 we were dealing with both a new baby and the untimely death of my Mom due to cancer. As I wrote at the time, making comics wasn’t joyful or energizing to me anymore, so it was time to quit. It was the right call, and I don’t regret it! In the intervening years I continued to work on myself, and there were new opportunities to be creative, like illustrating language textbooks for kids in Bolivia (which is ongoing!). I also quietly started blogging some of my journey in November of 2018 (also ongoing!).

Recently, after taking a test run at making new comics, I realized my heart was in them again. I’ve changed, my life has changed, and so my approach to making comics is going to be a little different than it was in the past; probably not very obvious ways, but in ways that matter to me. With this in mind, and with an eye toward preserving the original run of Interesting Times as a time capsule unto itself, I’ve decided to set these new comics apart. Hence the name “More Interesting Times” and a restart of the numbering system. I hope that’s okay 🙂

Please come along with me as I try this out again. I welcome the company!