It ONLY turns in one direction, so you may have to rearrange your room to accommodate. If the bed has space on either side, well, that’s your problem. I can’t solve every issue here
This has actually happened more than once
Ok Google what’s 7/9ths of a dram in centimetres
Interesting Times is not affiliated in any way with Instant Pot!
I shouldn’t think I’d need to get an architect — I’ve pretty well laid it out myself
Need a concise way to say that I saw what you shared, but with all due respect I have no wish to engage with it or you in any way whatsoever

I don’t know what it is about this show in particular that invites the level of scrutiny that parents bring to it
In fairness there’s sometimes a “Watch out!” in there too
If you did find something, anything at all, you’d tell us right away, yes? Not your boss, or social media? Yes?