Lori knows that her statement is Howie Stan Erasure, because we’ve actually met a Howie fan.
I don’t often want to put serious profanity in my comics, but up until the moment I actually drew this, the last panel in my mind was just me and the salt cursing at each other
I have to make a conscious effort to not have “check twitter” be the first thing I do on waking. I’m normal, right?
I really hope that abruptly stopping comics for a month, then reappearing with a riff on a three-year-old meme will come across as “daring” and “bold” to my critics

So! Just two days after posting my last comic back in March, Lori’s water broke! Long story short, we have an adorable baby boy named Avery in our household now. Managing a newborn and a feisty preschooler has made it pretty tough to find time and energy for comics, but I’m still jotting down ideas so I can get to them when I can. Thanks for your patience!

Certain owners also report that their machines “grunt” in an upsetting, humanlike fashion while creating churros. We have not been able to consistently replicate this issue
I tend toward the Balanced approach BUT! Justified is useful for putting other things on the tray.
I mean, it’s a nice thing to say, but, is there some reason that you brought it up at this specific moment

“I want to be supportive, if it’s really your dream,” she’ll eventually say
I’ve had more chances to give Gideon some quality time and…he doesn’t actually seem to care for it
Got to stress-tess the underground reactors as well! We’re going off-grid for this baby