Can’t believe we never thought of this before! Who’s next?
In case you’re wondering, the prize for guessing correctly in this round is $10,000 CAD
Oh, and uh, first postpartum comic appearance of my son, I guess? He’s a year and two months old now lol
We have a nice handmade crokinole board in the house somewhere, and we’re never bringing it out for the sake of our relationship
“And now YOU can’t unsee it EITHER, READERS! MWA HA HA” — that wizard, probably

Hourly Comics Day 2022!

February 1st was Hourly Comics Day, and this year I actually remembered to participate. The resulting comics are of varying quality and readability, but they are at least honest. Please enjoy!

We ran out of security questions a while back. Next I’ll have to pick all the images of traffic lights out from a grid.
The 4th panel is me straining and struggling to get the key up to the mailbox lock
Look, kiddo! I hit it so hard its head came off! Now let’s go brush your teeth!
Of course, you may bring the toy back out from time to time, while making a big deal about its new availability. Optionally, make the toy part of a Premium Package of toys that were widely available until you arbitrarily restricted access and demanded regular payment for continued play.