Seems every time I draw my kids, their arms are in the air and they’re creating chaos. This is called “unconscious bias”

[author note: This looks different from the ‘house style’ because I drew it on an iPad as an experiment. I like the result and I may keep making them this way]

Wait, what if the water’s out? What if there’s no power to grind the beans or heat the water? Time to add a few more things to the list

Bonus imaginary 4th panel where Lori is about to hit play on a song we’re going to dance to and I’m like “drop it”. you know, as in, the beat

Hourly Comics Day 2023

On February 1st I wrote a comic for every hour of the day that I was awake. I’ve done this intermittently ever since I’ve been drawing Interesting Times, and often had a lot of fun with it. This year I changed from pen to marker, which I enjoyed, and gave myself space to finish the last few comics a couple of days after the day actually ended. (To do this, I made sure to take hourly notes on my phone, instead.)

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