Certain owners also report that their machines “grunt” in an upsetting, humanlike fashion while creating churros. We have not been able to consistently replicate this issue
I tend toward the Balanced approach BUT! Justified is useful for putting other things on the tray.
I mean, it’s a nice thing to say, but, is there some reason that you brought it up at this specific moment

“I want to be supportive, if it’s really your dream,” she’ll eventually say
I’ve had more chances to give Gideon some quality time and…he doesn’t actually seem to care for it
Got to stress-tess the underground reactors as well! We’re going off-grid for this baby
Yeah, we found this cave in Jake’s mountain that leads to a land crawling with literal dinosaurs. It was after the pups got superpowers. Yeah, I hate this town too
Our daughter picked the colours for the prototype, if you’re wondering
What’s the opposite of ‘sweetness & light’? Sour darkness? weird